Comparing Web Hosting Services for Small Photography Site


Many web developers have the daunting task of choosing web hosting solutions and company. I needed a low end web hosting for some low traffic web sites. Nonetheless, knowing that it can grow if needed, or how would it support spikes, is also a factor to consider when choosing.

This article focus on the server performance as perceived by the user. I focused on the speed of a hosting for a single visitor and also of its performance for more simultaneous users.

This is not by all means a thoroughly evaluation. There is a lot more that could be done:

  • lot more data, better statistical analysis.
  • more hosting (companies and plans)
  • server internal benchmark software

Other tests

Looking around other hosting speed tests, I’ve found these worth mention:

  • 200Please. The “Top Hosting Providers” service analyzed 1,868,360 sites (as of this writing) giving market share and response time for each host of those web sites.


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