The front-end web programming is now enterprise-grade

Frontend development started as web-designer-plus thing

In the era of HTML/CSS and Flash, JavaScript was used by a few developers and widespread mainly by web designers as black box gimmicks that allow interaction between the HTML and some dynamic behavior. Managing conflicts, dependencies and versions soon became nightmarish, and it was clear that there was a road ahead.

Besides offering sites displaying fancy animations, companies started betting on web applications, either for interacting with customers or internally within collaborators. HTML was being produced by server code within the realm of full-fledged developers. Also, the tools and speed were on the server side. Modularity and code reuse (for example, using HTML templates) was readily applied using technologies like ASP or JSP.

Classic programming paradigms in front-end technologies

Fast-forward to the second decade of the second millennium and the front-end web programming is a vast and evolving world. One where the classic programming paradigms, I’ve learned in computer science, fully apply.

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