Using Typescript for programming ArangoDB FOXX services

Going back from Typescript to Javascript for programming Foxx services for ArangoDB was a nuisance. The documentation informs that it is possible to use typescript to program the Foxx services and after some searching I’ve found that there is not much information about the subject. Maybe because it is really not that difficult, since the Foxx services are essentially Node modules. Searching for programming Node modules in typescript set me in the right direction. Although I’ve had to take care of some particularities, hence this article.

This article depicts a startup repository and its structure for programming Foxx services using Typescript 2.0. Foxx services are attached to a particular database and allow to build a web-accessible API for your database.

This project assumes that:

  • an ArangoDB database is created
  • a Foxx Service is initialized and on development mode

Which you can learn about on the ArangoDB documentation.

Now let’s followup on this project options and particularities.

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