Setup a website monitoring service on Synology® Diskstation NAS

For the time being, I wanted a simple site monitoring service. I was looking around when I have remembered I have a Synology Diskstation in my LAN, which is always ON, of course. So why not put the service in there?

For now I do not intend to make the monitoring service available throughout the internet, so that will not be covered in this blog post.

Searched for a php monitor service and found PHP Server Monitor which seemed a good candidate. I managed to put it to work and did not need to telnet to the Diskstation even once.

This service allows to configure several servers to watch for and alerts using email and/or SMS, supporting several gateways. It has a web front end to configure and view and also allows for different users that can see different servers! Seemed perfect. It also has a feature to confirm that the site that is live is the one we expect by testing the returned HTML for a match of a string of characters or a regular expression.

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